Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Update 1: Four More Months

     In about 4 months, I will be on top of Springer Mountain ready to start the journey of a lifetime. The only problem is that it's still 4 months away. The AT has taken up about 90% of my thoughts for the last few months which makes it very difficult to do other things like school. I believe I have now read every book, webpage, and whiteblaze post pertaining to the AT, which I guess might make me slightly obsessed. Because of this research most conversations eventually come to talking about backpacking whether the other person wants to or not. I am trying very hard to resist the urge to plan the actual trip because I don't want to rely too much on a schedule. For my hike, I want the trail to dictate how the trail goes as opposed to me dictating how the it goes, but as the popular expression goes "hike your own hike". As of now I have about 60% of my gear but I already know nearly all the gear I plan on buying for the AT. Since my last backpacking trip (which was also my first) I now have a water filter (don't forget one...trust me), a few more clothing items, and some platypus water bags. I am still planning on attempting a thru-hike which I'm going to guess, at max will take about 7 months, but so far almost every person I've told has either told me how dumb I am for attempting this or just dismissed me. I try and tell convince people but they usually don't want to here it.  Even with the possibility of having little support on the trail I cant wait. But I have to, a whole 4 months...

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