Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Blog

I've switched over to a new blog https://robjosef.wordpress.com/ . Come follow me as I attempt future outdoor adventures

Monday, September 29, 2014

Adjusting and Future Plans

It's been a little over two months since I finished my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail and have missed it almost just as long. The simplistic life of just walking through wilderness with everything you need on your back is a hard life to just leave. While living on the trail I was much happier, relaxed, and felt free. I felt free from society In a way I had never felt before and it felt good.  Even the most miserable, cold, rainy days where every muscle in my body ached, when I wished I was at home watching TV that feeling always subsided shortly after and forgot I felt the way I did.  It was definitely an amazing journey and wouldn't pass it up for the world. In 2016 I'm planning another thru-hike but, this time it will be on the Pacific Crest Trail, I wish so bad I could do it sooner. The PCT is a National Trail like the AT but starts at the Mexican boarder in California and traverses through 7 national parks and 2,650 miles to Canada. Being currently 19 years old and 21 in 2016 I do not exactly have a ton of extra cash, especially since most of it was used on the AT but nevertheless I will find a way to do this no matter what.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Appalachian Trail Thru-hike Slideshow

I published this slideshow on YouTube nearly a month ago and just forgot to share it here, so here you go. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Here it is, the last post about my Appalachian Trail Thru hike. It has been an amazing journey that I would not pass up for the world. I took 5 days to complete the 100 mile wilderness and another to summit Katahdin. If I hadn't already made plans for a ride home I would have definitely finished earlier, northern Maine was a breeze! Even though my final days were filled with eagerness to finish, they were some of the best (nice cool temperatures, easy hiking, lots of time to just relax, and nice views). The climb up to Katahdin was one of my favorites on the trail and thankfully we did not have rain (70% chance that morning). This post is already going up 9 days after I finished so I won't bore anyone with too much detail and just let the pictures speak. 
 ~Mumbles: GA-ME 2014

The first sighting of the end.
I'm done!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Monson, Maine

Maine! I've made it to Maine! Not just that I'm only 115 miles from the end. So far Maine has been pretty rough, a lot of steep ups and downs on slick, mossy rock. Maine has been the worst for Mosquitos and black flies yet, plus rumors of Norovirus from sobos helped me decide to set my tent up over shelters most nights. Shortly after arriving into the finally state I conquered Mahoosic Notch which was indeed the hardest and most fun mile of the trail, but I don't think I would classify it hiking, something more along the lines of rock climbing. In many of the deep crevasses between the boulders there was still ice and snow which definitely felt odd hiking on in mid July. I got a hitch from the first car that passed bye to Rangeley and stayed at The Grey Beast, an unofficial hostel in downtown. Enjoyed walking around town and afterwards kayaking in Rangeley Lake later that evening in the midst of fireworks. Hiked a few more fairly easy but extremely muddy days coming out of town. Over these days my feet especially my left foot have developed extreme pain making it very difficult to get started after any significant break. Picked up a mail drop in Caratunk and some homemade cookies from a hiker box. Easily got a hitch to Northern Outdoors, an outdoor center with a restaurant about 2 miles away. Was able to take a free shower and relax a few hours then moving 6 more miles to a shelter where I tented. I hiked 22 miles the next day half of which was easily graded. Forded a few rivers which was a fun change of pace except for the wet feet. Woke up early and arrived in Monson after an easy 9 miles around 9am. Picked up another mail drop explored the sprawling metropolis that is Monson, and checked in at Shaw's Lodging. Surprisingly we walked into town on their Summer Festival which was only a few small vendors, a open house at the fire station, and a makeshift float race. Currently taking a zero at Shaw's, will be in the 100 mile wilderness tomorrow and hopefully Katahdin the 27th!

Gorham, NH

Okay this post is going to be pretty brief, I just felt like I had to post something. I'm currently taking a zero in Monson, ME only about 6 days from finishing. This will only be up to Gorham, NH 
In the last post I had only just gotten to New Hampshire, now I'm only about 20 miles from the Maine state line. Had a few long boring days coming out of Hanover but was soon met with the Whites. Slowley summited  Moosilake (the first mountain in the Whites) around 8:30am and was very excited to be above tree line for the first time since the Roan Highlands, even if it was just for a little bit. Tented at the last available free shelter in the Whites after a 16 mile day that felt much longer. Passed a guy going southbound early the next morning trying to break the speed record for the entire AT. Hitched into Lincoln for resupply and ended up staying the night in a small hotel room with 5 other thru hikers... not the best smelling evening. Was very surprised the next afternoon (it took a long time getting out of Lincoln, like usual with towns) once on top of Franconia Ridge and just how amazing it was. Did my first work for stay at Greenleaf Hut which is one of the 8 AMC run huts located in the whites available to hikers. Guests normally pay around $125 a night to stay at one of these huts but for less than an hour of a work per night I was able to stay at 3 of them. Thankfully this was possible due to me still being ahead of the major thru hiker bubble by a few weeks. The rest of the Whites were equally challenging as well as beautiful.  Overall the White Mountains were by far my favorite section and plan to do them again in the future. The only time I had poor weather (which was only windy and rainy) was coming over Mt. Washington into Gorham at Pikman Notch. Stopped in Gorham earlier than I originally anticipated due to an apparent storm blowing in and me just me cold and wet. Stayed at the Hiker Paradise which wasn't terrible, just unkempt and a little dirty. Thankfully I missed out the overnight storm and was back on the trail early the next morning. Takeled the Wildcats which were not nearly as bad as they were rumoured to be and arrived at the shelter 2 miles before the second road to Gorham (19 miles) . Arrived in Gorham once again after a short strole to the road. Neroed at White Mountain Lodge and Hostel which was a great improvement over the last hostel and probaly one of my favorites on the trail.