Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hanover, NH

Okay, I originally typed this up in Hanover thinking I was going to publish it there, that didn't happen and now I'm in Maine over 200 miles past.

Started back on the trail around 9:45 after a self made omelet. Did 18 miles the first day through a bunch of muddy trail. Made it to Cooper Lodge Shelter the next day after 23 miles. Thankfully some section hikers made too much spagetti and allowed us to finish it off. Near the shelter there was a difficult 0.2 mile sidetrail that lead to the top of Mt. Killington which offered a fantastic but windy 360 view. Only did about 7 miles the next day plus another .5 down a side trail. Waited near The Inn at the Long Trail for a bus that never came, but eventually got a ride through hitching. Turns out the guy that pulled over actually worked on the farm that supplied the restaurant (that also ran the hostel) I was planning to stay at. So I was driven to the Yellow Deli in Rutland where I was given some delisious tea called matte and introduced to all the awesome interesting people inside. Apparently I arrived on their Sabbath so I watched and eventually joined in on some good old fashioned Israeli folk dancing and song. Was also treated to a fantastic meal that definitely help convince me to take a zero the following day. Took a bus around town to replaced my stiff, holy Darn Tough socks as well as going to a buffet. Got back on the trail around 10 and did 18 to Winturri Shelter. Woke up early and did 20 to Happy Hill Shelter where I was forced to hide from the hordes of mosquitoes the rest of the day in my tent. Did a short 6 miles, half of which was road walking to Hanover. Instantly felt increasing stares from everyone walking into town so I picked up my mail drop at the post office and called a hostel to pick me up, missing out on all the apparent trail magic. Started back on the trail where I left off the next day but only hiked about 6 miles until I decided I was still tired and went back to the hostel. Took another zero the following day to meet back up with some other thru hikers and just relax.  

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