Sunday, December 15, 2013

How Blogging is Going to Work on the Trail

 I feel like this post might be a tad early, I thought about waiting a few weeks to post it, but I'm typing it now so might as well post it now.

 First off I like to say I'm not a professional writer (although you may have figured that out already) so my posts will be far from perfect 98% of the time especially when being wet, tired, and miserable. I will try and post every night I will be hiking, it is very likely I may not get service so posts might occasionally be a few hours late. I will be using my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy SIII, wish I had the 4) for writing posts and taking all my pictures, its actually not half bad. Because of using an android I can buy additional batteries, so I will be bringing 3, 1 in my phone and 2 on standby. In towns, or wherever there is an outlet I will charge all my batteries completely with my charger and hope they last me to the next outlet. My daily posts will generally be about a paragraph long (shorter than this post) and describe in moderate detail what I did, elaborating on the interesting stuff. I'm a picture person and when reviewing past AT blogs the ones with a lot of pictures I found the most interesting. Because of this I want to include multiple pictures in each post, once again service may not be spectacular so it might take awhile. I'm also debating the idea of giving a trail update in video form about every few hundred miles or so (but no promises).

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