Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2 More Months!

Happy 2014! I can't belive the fact that I am only 58 days away from starting the journey of a lifetime. With two months left, I have finally obtained all the gear I will be taking with me on my hike. In preparation, I'm planning to go on a multi-day backpacking trip about 50 miles sometime in early February to test out my gear. The Appalachian Trail is by far my primary focus occupying most of of free time, which is currently a lot. As soon as my 2014 guide comes in I'm sure even more time will be spent researching the trail.

Many people have asked me questions about thru-hiking the AT.   About 90% of the those conversations go like this, "So, Rob I hear you are going to hike the Appalachian Trail" "Yes, I cant wait!" "The whole thing?" "yep, all 2,180 miles" "How long is that going to take?" "I'm thinking probably around  5 1/2 to 6 months" "Wow, wouldn't it be easier just to hike a part of it?" "yes... it would" "Wont you get tired of being by yourself for weeks?" "Actually, the AT is fairly populated, I plan on seeing people everyday"  "Well, how are you going to eat? Are you going to carry 6 months of food at one time?" "There are towns about every week or so, I resupply while in town. You can also send me some over mail... if you care about me." "Do you have a tent, are you going to be sleeping in it every night" "yes I have a tent, but I plan on spending most nights in one of the 250 shelters on the trail or occasionally one of the hiker hostels." "How are you going to, you know...go to the bathroom" There are privies (basically outhouses) at most shelters, if I don't make it to one then I start digging" "Well, uhh...good luck".      

 In conjunction with the previous conversation, people also ask  me if  I have any worries about hiking and as of right now, my primary worry is not being able to grow an acceptable mountain man beard, but I think I can live with that. I also dread the inevitable feeling that at certain times I will want nothing else to go home and sleep in my own bed, but that feeling is what sends 3/4 of all thru hikers home and I will not let that happen to me.  Surprisingly, not many people have asked me why I'm doing what I'm doing.  This is probably good because I wouldn't really have an answer for them.  It should be known that I am not hiking the AT because I expect an amusement park.  I am hiking because I know it will be a challenge and hopefully will change because of it. Can't wait to get on the trail.

Ready to go. All my gear except food and water.

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