Friday, June 6, 2014


Okay, well I meant to put this up a few days ago but I like sleep and doing nothing once I've stopped for the day, so it didn't happen. This is my fourth time sitting down and trying to finish this post, fourth times the charm. This post will be up to Salisbury, Connecticut even though I'm writting from about 90 miles past that.

After a long time doing nothing in Unionville we got back in NJ and went 15 more miles to the shelter. Around 2 of todays miles were entirely on boardwalks which was an intresting change. Thankfully on the boardwalk there was a trail angel that gave us water which I had just run out of. Stopped at a farmers market type place about 5 miles before the shelter where I ate a quarter of a blueberry pie and some ice cream.  Definitely not the best idea right before a 1000 ft straight up climb in 85○ but I survived. Made it officially to NY 4 miles into the next day which greeted me with many miles of slippery, sharp rocks. After a very long, rocky 10 miles we stopped again for ice cream, where I probaly had the best cookies and cream I have ever eaten. Begrudgingly, with temperatures high in the high 80s I did 12 more miles and camped at a random spot. Nice but very long and tiresome day. I passed several spots where you could supposedly see the NYC skyline... you couldn't really. Walked through Bear Mt. State Park (which is the lowest point on the AT at 124 feet) was unusually crowded for a Wednesday, disappointed that the legendary trail-side zoo was closed, but it sounded even more depressing than most zoos so I doubt I missed much. Planned a full resupply at the Appalachian Market, but it was just a gas station with a supprisingly nice restroom. Spent a fortune on only a few bars so I wouldn't starve the next day and a huge sub and iced tea for dinner. Stayed at the Graymoor Center only a mile past the market and slept under the pavilion. Bothered by mosquitos the entire night, I should have set up my tent even if it did rain most of the night. A shorter, wet 18 mile day the following day to the RPH shelter where we arrived early and ordered a few pizzas. Within the first few miles  after leaving Graymoor I guess I startled a turkey so it proceeded to chase me a few yards down the trail. Noticed many more Red Efts (or Charmanders as we like to call them) than usual on the trail, sadly they move very slowly so often get squished. An easy 26 mile day after, with very nice, cool temperatures.  Missed out on a free breakfast offered by a nearby family, which reportedly was very good. Got up early the next day and arrived in Kent, Connecticut by 12:00. After walking around the crowded town, eating lunch, and buying new shoes we finally left around 4. The selection of shoes at the Sundog shoe stores was very slim but still bought the last pair of size 13 shoes, some merrels for $80. I also bought some new superfeet insoles even though I probaly didn't necessarily need them. Hiked on 7 miles after Kent to the shelter and tented. Hiked 26 miles the following day to Salisbury, CT and stayed at Bearded Woods One of a kind Bunk and Dine. Saw a hawk only about 10  feet in front of me on my way up the first big climb of the day. Got picked up at the trailhead by Hudson from Bearded Woods at around 4. We were taken to the hostel where I took my first real shower in 8 days and washed my clothes for the first time in 12. Had a splendid, filling dinner of pot roast then watched cartoons and videos from the AT the rest of the night.

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