Friday, May 30, 2014

Unionville, NY

Don't worry I'm still going strong and on the trail, I've just never had time or energy to write. Since getting back on the trail on the 27th it's been 12 days and 282 miles. This post will be about Port Clinton- Unionville the rest will be up shortly. 

   Did not get back on the trail after my time home until around 4:30 on Tuesday the 27th, so only did the 5.6 miles to the first shelter. 2 miles in it started thunderstorming, not fun. During one of the higher points lightning struck making me instinctively dive on the ground. Got to the shelter early around 6 and was alone the rest of the night. Started early the next day and did 17.5  rocky miles to a shelter where I took a nice long siesta. Pushed 10 more miles to the next (very old looking) shelter. Had to walk about half a mile downhill to the water source which had to be the furthest yet. Next day was surprisingly cool, in the 50s all day. Coming out of Palmerton I had a very hard climb made up entirely out of rocks, it was a fun challenge for 5 minutes... then it just got old. Got to the shelter almost limping from all the rocks about 4:45 and was beyond done for the day. Tried to make a fire with damp wood, it did not work out. Did 20 miles to Delaware Water Gap the next day and arrived around 3. Tripped baldly over some boulders just a few miles short of town. Shortly after when asked if okay I'm pretty sure I just growled at them. Stayed at the Church of The Mountain Hostel, resupplied at Wal-Mart,  and ate chicken fingers and ice cream at Friendlys. Left late coming out of DWG and entered NJ but still had a big rocky day with alot of views. Made it to the Murray Property the day after, which is just an old cabin on a farm. Took a freezing "shower"on the side of a building. (Shower is in parentheses because i believe a shower is supposed to be hot and involve soap, but it was still fine) Got to Unionville early the next day, spent a few hours sitting on a porch and a fortune on resupply

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