Thursday, May 1, 2014

Buena Vista

First off you're probably pronouncing Buena Vista wrong. Apparently (according to the locals) its pronounced more like Bewna Vista. Its been 4 days, 78.6 miles since leaving Daleville and rained most of 3 of of those days. Experienced quite possibly the best trail magic ever given when about to leave Daleville.  In the span of 5 minutes we were given food from a cafe twice, just enough tickets to see a concert in Roanoke, a van to drive to and from the city, and a place to stay for the night, not a bad deal. First day out of town did 18.5 miles and enjoyed listening to newly downloaded podcasts. The next 3 days were just cold, wet and miserable, pretty sucky overall. After each evening when done with hiking much of my body, especially my feet looked like a giant prune. Had rain come into the shelter the second night and wet my bag, because of constant rain it never fully dried out until Buena Vista.  Stayed in the supposed haunted Punchbowl Shelter the night before getting to town but still slept like a baby. Forded my first river successfully but obviously my feet got submerged. Thankfully got a ride into town and supprisingly were also told we could stay at his house despite smelling like wet dogs. Got a ruben at the Bluedogart cafe and resupplied at the Family Dollar where I finally found my beloved banana chips. Got pizza and watched Netflix at the house, very nice to relax. Left town after breakfast at the Bluedogart Cafe around 11. Took 2 hitches and a mile walk but made it back to the trailhead a little past 12.

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  1. Would love to see some pictures of inside the hostels too.