Saturday, April 26, 2014


Surprise, surprise this post is actually on time. Writting from the Howard Johnson hotel in Daleville,VA.

Left Pearisburg 5 days ago on the 21st and did 20 miles by 3:30 but definitely felt like a much longer day. Decided to stop early at The Captain's house which to get to you need to cross a stream using a pulley system (not a zip line despite what the guide says) offers places to camp and cold sodas. Planned to get an early start on a 29 mile day the day after but I just ignored my alarm and started around 8:30. Most of the first 2 days out of Pearisburg had very unmaintained rocky trail which was not fun to maneuver around. Got to the shelter just as the sun had went down and slept great. Did 16 miles the next day to Four Pines Hostel where I managed to snag the last available couch. Coming down from Dragons Tooth has become my least favorite 2 miles so far. Joe from Four Pines took us to the Homeplace Resuraunt for dinner and the definitely lived up to its name. Once again ate enough to be in pain and then ate more but it was worth it. Left Four Pines around 6:30 before anyone else was awake. Enjoyed very nice views as the sun was coming up as well as McAfees Knob where I just beat the rain. Last 10 miles of my 27 mile day were pretty much all in rain but made it to Daleville and was happy to sleep in a hotel. Bought some much needed new shoes on sale at the outfitter but did feel bad because every pair of shoes I tried on I left behind a dirt footprint. Had some great BBQ for dinner with some free banana pudding for dessert.Probaly going to head out late today and only do a few miles.

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  1. Great updates and photos. Looks like the trip of a lifetime :)