Saturday, April 12, 2014

Erwin- Hampton

Left Erwin around 9am after eating breakfast and.buying a few things at Uncle Johnnies.  Got to the first shelter remarkably early; 5 miles in a little over an hour. Originally planned to make a short day of 9 miles at Indian Grave Gap where Fresh Grounds was staying but apparently he packed up because threat of thunderstorms as well as other things. Pushed ....miles that day and tented at Cherry Gap Shelter. I've noticed alot of shelters in this area and very short, me being slightly taller than most. Pushed 24 miles the next day to Overmountain Shelter which is a converted red barn. Longest day I've had yet, packed up and left around 8:30 am and diddnt arrive until close to 7:45pm. Almost decided to stop at Roan High Knob shelter, which is the highest shelter on the AT (6194 feet) but figured tomorrow when raining it will be a pain. Lots of balds and good views later which enforced me moving on. (Rain + balds= not fun). Got a late start the next morning due to it raining and me reeeally not wanting wanting to move. Faced alot of unexpected balds which had winds way stronger than I would have liked, luckily the rain had stopped or it would have probaly been painful. Decided to stop in at Roan Mtn, TN to grab some lunch. After hitching to, eating, and hitching back we took 3 hours in town. Thought about staying at the hostel but decided against it due to money. Got to the shelter somewhat late, around 8:15 where there were still a few spots. Pushed a few miles the next day and got to the Kincora hostel around 1. Bob Peoples (the owner) drove everyone to town for resupply around 5. Probaly diddnt need to buy food due to my massive resupply at Erwin but I still bought some. Had a full size oven pizza and some gummy bears for dinner while reading a book about the PCT....intreeging. Just hung out in the common area until I went to bed.

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