Friday, April 4, 2014

Hot Springs- Erwin

Writing from the Super 8 in Erwin, TN. Been 70 miles and a little over 4 days since leaving hot springs. Definitely some of the hottest temperatures so far, mostly in the high 70s (doesn't sound too bad but when going uphill with a full pack its like walking in flames).

Left Hot Springs late around 2:30 planned to hiked 5 miles but ended up joining a train of hikers and did 10 miles to a campsite past a firetower. Slept in my tent for the the first time in 2 week and did so very well. Did 18 muddy miles the next day and got done surprisingly early, was the only one at the shelter for an hour. Glad I only did 15 miles the day after because was sore for most of the day. Planned to get up early the day after because of doing 20 miles but after being woken by thunder and a lot of rain I was thinking I could wait a little bit. Thankfully the rain stopped by 12 and never got as warm as it was supposed to.  Saw 2 boxes in different spots that once housed trail magic but were now completely empty. Rushed to Erwin the next day for fear of thunderstorms and arrived by 12:30.Ate breakfast at the sketchist gas station/convenience store ever which was surprisingly good. Had a huge plate of biscuits and gravy with 2 fried eggs and a mountain dew for 3.99. Bought food at the grocery store and instead of getting a shuttle into town (which by the way signs for them were everywhere) we carried everything 3 miles into town, not fun. Probaly bought too much food but atleast i wont be hungry.  Got to the Super 8 around 2:30, took a nice shower, and got some Mexican food later on. Left Erwin the next day after a mediocre breakfast at the hotel. 

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