Saturday, April 26, 2014


Started writing from an actual, real-live computer at Woods Hole Hostel but never transfered over to my phone so I never got a chance to post it until now in Daleville. Arrived here the 19th around 7pm just in time for dinner, which would have probably been the best meal I've ever eaten even if I had not speed-hiked 7 miles. I'm sorry for the long delay between posts I've found that the longer I'm out here the harder and harder it is to keep this thing updated. I always plan on writing a small piece every night so that once in town I can post with no problem. That never works out so I try and write the entire thing when in town which turns out the only thing I want to do when there is eat too much food and sleep. Anyway enough excuses, its been about ---- miles since my stop in Damascus and - days. So far Virginia has been great; fantastic hiking weather, varying terrain, and different views. Definitely picking up pace, primarily doing 20+ mile days. Left Damascus at the hottest part of the day with way too much food in my stomach with a subway sandwich attached to my pack...not fun. Entered the Grayson Highlands a few days out from Damascus, the views were nice I just wish I had seen them in the warmer months (the ponies were pretty cool too). Got to Marion 5 days out of Damascus, the last being my first 30- miler and night hike. Once again bought way too much food so it felt like I had an extra small child on my back. Ate breakfast at a great place not in the guide and did 11 miles to Adkins in sleet and snow. Crammed 6 dirty hikers in a room at the Relax Inn and belive me it was not exactly relaxing. Ate at The Barn which on paper sounded much better than it was. Food was decent, service was lousy. Hiked 4 more days which offered near perfect hiking conditions, only a little cold at nights and mornings and got to Woods Hole. Decided to go to a nearby church the day after (Easter Sunday) which was very nice. Took a zero day at Woods Hole where I was supposed to do work for stay but was never asked to do anything. Slackpacked (hiking with a lighter or no pack) the 11 easy miles to Pearisburg  the day after and resupplied on food, which I think i'm improving on. Ate at a chinnese buffet that everything looked a few days old, but it could also be that I was there at 3pm. Ate even more at the hostel that night and could have possibly exploded right there.

My post from Hampton- Damascus got lost and because its been so long ago ive forgotton most of the details so i'll just run through it real quick. Did two 20+s and got to Damascus late on the 2nd. Stayed at "The Place" for 2 nights and zeroed my 2nd day in town.

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