Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gatlinburg- Hot Springs

Orginaly wrote from Elmers Sunnybank Inn in Hot Springs, North Carolina but after I left town thinking it was already published I noticed it wasnt and most of it was deleted. This post will be writt

Got a ride out of Gatlinburg in the back of a truck from some tourists, started out cold and by the end we were all pretty much popcicals. The trail was still icy by the time I got on making me slip a few more times than normal. On my 4th time falling I slammed my knee into a rock (not going to lie I had to hold back a few tears). A man day hiking said to his son "Now that, is a real hiker son" obviously referring to me, it was a good moment. Did 13 miles that day, originally planned to do 16 but wanted to rest my knee. Shelter was crowded, luckily I arrived pretty early because it rained all night. Pulled my first 20 the next day, nice views for most of it. Definitely think the 2nd half of the smokeys would be my favorite section so far if it wasnt for the ice and snow. 19 the next day, can't really remember anything exciting except leaving the smokeys. 18 miles the next day, was supposed to drizzle the entire day but mother nature waited until the end of the day to unleash all her force. Most rain I've had yet plus throw in Max Patch and its 3000 mile winds...worse experience yet. Got to the shelter completly soaked,  I thought (and hoped) it was going to be empty but alas it was packed with extra people then usual waiting on the rain. Saw that underneath the shelter was still dry so instead of setting up my tent in the rain I put my sleep system there. Woke up at around 2am with everything including myself covered in snow. There was not a whole lot a could do at that point so I just brushed the existing snow off and tried to fall back asleep. Woke up (or really just decided to regain somewhat more consciousness) around 6am when I was once again covered in snow. Packed everything up and was out by  7:30, determined to make it the 18 miles to Hot Springs. Luckily someone left before me so I did not get completely lost. Arrived in Hot Springs around 4:30 and got settled in at Elmers Sunnybank Inn. Definitely one of the most interesting buildings I'vebeen too and definitely worth $20. Like always i scavanged through the hiker box (place where hikers drop off things they dont want) and found a nice hiking shirt in perfect condition as well as a bunch of other usefull things. Ate a nice meal at a resuraunt in town, bought some food at the dollar store, hung out at the hostel, and went to bed. Had breakfast the next morning at the the Sunnybank which for $6 was fantastic. Took awhile for everyone to get ready but eventually washed clothes and bought a few extra things from the outfitter. Had another meal at the diner and reluctantly left around 2:30 with some other hikers. 

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  1. Great to read the update. We were wondering how you were doing with the crazy weather... fortunately it seems to be getting better :) Hope your knee is healing. Nancy & Elizabeth