Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 4: Neels Gap- Blue Mountain Shelter

Started today with very sore legs and thinking about a 7 mile day. I  pretty much destroyed that, doing a little less then 19 miles. Started hiking around 8:20 and after about 45 mins I was feeling great. Passed a group of hikers about 2 miles in that were just waking up. When I got to Cowrock Mountain I took the wrong way, hiking a mile in the wrong direction ( nice views though). After getting back on track and a steep descent we had trail magic from a church in Damascus.  They had all sorts of snack foods like granola bars and oatmeal cream pies as well as homemade knit hats. Immediately after I faced a steep uphill followed by a few miles of realitivily  flat trail. Practically ran the last mile to Low Gap shelter to use the privy (outhouse) which I just barely made, thank God. The next 7 miles to Blue Mountain were easy up until towards the end where there were all up hill and rocks. At the last 3 miles I ran out of water and by the end I was practically fantasizing about it. Finally got to Blue Mountain at around 5, the shelter was pretty much full so I decided to tent. Going to try and get to Tray Mt. Tomorrow

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