Saturday, March 1, 2014

One More Week!

If you've read any of my previous posts you would know that my original start date was March 5th but due to it being on a Wednesday and me living 11.5 hours away by car I had to push it back to the weekend. Not a huge problem but in my mind March 5th was "The Day" for the last 6 months and now its not. Because of my slightly later start date I might choose not to do the approach trail (the 8 mile trail to the trail) just because it helps keep to my original timeline and its not actually part of the trail. The realization of what exactly I'm doing has started to hit me but I suspect I wont fully know what I'm getting myself in to until I start hiking. Only recently have I actually started having my first worries about my thru-hike. My greatest worry is that I will not enjoy it as much as I plan to making me want to go home. I am not in as good as shape as I wanted to be at this time but from what I've heard most people get in decent hiking shape after a few weeks in. These last few days I plan to do as much stuff that will not be possible while on the trail such as playing video games until I induce a headache, watching a bunch of Netflix, see people I will not for 5 months, and to soak up as much internet as possible. Only 7 days left, can't wait!


  1. You'll be fine and plenty in shape. You are young and nimble. After two weeks on the trail you will be a seasoned hiker. Your only problem will be that after 3 weeks on the trail you will need to be eating more and plenty of protein. Most of the young people I hiked with on the trail suffered ankle and knee joint problems, generally from walking too fast and not pacing themselves. You should plan on going to CVS (or the like) and purchasing chondroitin-glucosomine, (old man joint lubricant) and take 4 a day everyday while on the trail and your joints will be well lubricated and you will not have joint problems. Good luck, enjoy the time. You will better appreciate college by taking this trek. "Sit a Bit" class of 2012

  2. Good luck, Rob! Be safe and have a wonderful journey. It will be an experience of a lifetime.