Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hiawassee - Nantahala Outdoor Center

Day7: Dicks Creek Gap- Plumorachard Shelter. 4 miles
I think today would classify as a Nero or a nearly zero day. Started hiking around 1pm after a fantastic nights sleep and an even better homemade breakfast. Got a ride from a man who's wife is hiking the trail to resupply for food. After hiking for about 2 miles I realised I forgot my wallet, luckily after hope and a few hours it was returned by another thruhiker. Stayed the remainder of the day and night in the shelter as well as having a fire until it was dark.

Day 8: Plumorachard Shelter- Standing Indian Shelter: 12 miles
Actually got up after the sun had started coming up today! Hiked about 4 miles and crossed into North Carolina! Immediately after crossing into NC I faced 2 steep mountains back to back, not fun . Crossed the 100 mile mark shortly before arriving at the shelter (half expecting a congratulatory party with cake). Got to the shelter around 3, thought about moving on due to it pretty crowded but decided to stick around.

Day 9: Standing Indian Shelter- Long Branch Shelter: 17 miles
Rain...all day....nonstop. Not the best hiking day, in the 40s and pouring for most of the day. Took a long break at a shelter where a bunch of people just diddnt feel like going out...wimps. Soon after eating lunch and sitting down I began shaking and getting very cold, I had to take off my wet clothes and jump into my sleeping bag. After about a hour I wasn't as cold and decided to keep trekking to the next shelter. After my break the rain let up a little and temperature increased. Had my hardest climb yet at Mt. Albert, which was hand over foot. Got to the shelter shortly after with everything soaked.

Day 10: Long Branch Shelter- Siler Bald Shelter: 13 miles
Got a late start, around 10:45  because of it still raining, I wasn't about to in that again. Entire day was spent hiking in a cloud, not nearly as bad as yesterday. Some people decided to hitch into Franklin but I had plenty of food and just wanted to keep moving. Stayed at Siler Bald shelter which is .5 miles away but had some nice views.Supposed to get cold tonight but someone left a tarp so there should be less wind.

Day 11: Siler Bald Shelter- Wessar Bald Shelter: 17 miles
Good day! Nice views entire day and nice, cool hiking weather. Listened to music for the first time today and it was the best thing ever. Lot of ups and downs but some flat areas as well to even it out. I assumed a group of hikers calling themselves "The Herd" were going to be there, so I planned to tent but luckily they weren't. Made a thruhiker famous dish, instant mashed potatoes and ramen for dinner and was ready for bed.

Day 12:Wessar Bald- NOC:7 miles

Woke up this morning knowing it was going to be a painful day. Almost all downhill with a few surprise uphills. Got to the NOC around 11:00, got a room in the hostel, and a burger with some other hikers. Bought a liner,  hat, and a mini multitool (lost my other one) might also buy some superfeet insoles, my current standard ones are already falling apart. Just hanging around with other hikers the rest of the day.


  1. Your pictures are beautiful. Make sure you have someone take a few of you too.

  2. I'm enjoying the updates on your journey. Beautiful scenery and many challenges...

  3. BTW - this is Nancy Schofield ;)