Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NOC- Gatlinburg

Writing from the Grand Prix in Gatlinburg. Didn't originally plan to stop here but it got  cold last night so everyone else decided to go to town. I diddnt want to be alone on the top of a freezing mountain so I came with them. Taking an unexpected zero day today, the road back to the trail closed and diddnt open back up until 1. Supposed to get down to around 7○ tonight and im sure I would not be exactly comfortable so I will be spending the day in the fabulous Gatlinburg, TN.

Its been about 70 miles since the NOC, been pushing around 13-16 miles a day. Slept in a shelter every night, been too lazy to set up my tent. Got to Fontana Dam on the 3rd day out of the NOC. Thought about pushing 23 miles on the 2nd day but my knees have been bothering me. Had trail magic again from Fresh Grounds at the Fontana Hilton. Took a nero day at the Hilton and hit the smokeys the next day. Rained most of the day and was (surprise) smokey in the smokey mountains. Arrived at Double Gap shelter a few days later where a helicopter was dropping privy (outhouse) supplies, so no toilet tonight. A few week hikers had reservations at the shelter and no one felt like leaving so we crammed about 20 people in a 12 person shelter (wasn't cold though). About 6 inches of snow the next day but wasnt too cold once I started moving. Clingsman Domes (which is the highest point of the AT) lack of view was disappointing as well as being very cold and windy. After Clingsman it was cold and snowy until getting into Gatlinburg.  Got a ride into town from a nice family out for spring break who had never heard of the AT. Checked into the Grand Prix and ate 2 free 10 inch pizzas and probaly around a liter and a half of mellow- yellow from Big Daddy's Pizza which just so happened to be celebrating its birthday. Took a zero the next day, just watched TV movies and explored Gatlinburg. Ate at Five Guys for dinner which was just what i was craving. Switched hotels to the Microtel last night because promise of free breakfast and a nicer room. Breakfast was a only some oatmeal, cereal, doughnuts, and bagels but was good nonetheless. Getting back on the trail around 12.

*some pictures may not show up. Sorry this app doesn't like to work.

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